Monthly Archives: August 2011

On August 11, exactly 5 years after 8/11/2006 when I first landed in Madison, WI, I have deposited my thesis with UW-Madison graduate school. I now officially hold a PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics.

I will be moving to St Paul, MN on 08/22. It will be another “from the scratch” start for me. I remember arriving in the US five years ago with nothing but two bags of clothes and shoes, my passport and the admission letter to the UW-Madison. My first purchase was an HP all-in-one printer, and the second was a file cabinet. I was simply flooded with important paperwork of all sorts, and I needed to make some order in all that mess. Yes, of course, that same day I found a bed for myself as well. 🙂

Moving to Twin Cities will actually be quite alike. I am coming with my clothes, shoes and books. And again, my first purchase will be a computer hardware – I am arriving in St Paul around 2pm, and already at 3pm that same day I have a meeting with an university IT officer to initiate the purchase of my office computer.

Like in that old sitcom ‘Perfect Strangers’, a new thrilling adventure starts, and for me, like many other immigrant faculty, it really is “America or burst!”