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How would have the Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers worked over the past 14 years?

Dr. John Newton (University of Illinois) offers this handy dashboard you can use to play with different scenarios – different coverage levels, production history, and coverage percentage. John’s gadget is cool in itself, but is really a teaser trailer for a much more comprehensive tool the Dairy Markets and Policy group is preparing for dairy producers. I hope our group will be able to successfully compete to get some of the funds authorized under the Agricultural Act of 2014 for decision-support tools. It would really help us deliver a tool that is very necessary for dairy producers to make a solid decision regarding their participation in the Margin Protection Program.

Press Ctrl+ to zoom in – the dashboard scales well and is really neat when enlarged.

Further resources on dairy programs in the Farm Bill:

1. DMAP Information Letter 14-01: The Dairy Subtitle of the Agricultural Act of 2014

2. Dr. John Newton’s FarmDoc webinar: “Introduction and Strategic Implementation of the Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program” (slides) (downloadable dashboard)