Monthly Archives: August 2014

My group released an update yesterday on our outreach programming regarding the Margin Protection Program:

The launch of the new Margin Protection Program (MPP) is anticipated in about one month. Although the formal release date by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) is unknown, it is well understood that USDA is striving to honor the 1 September 2014 deadline specified in the Agricultural Act of 2014. It also is not known when the enrollment period will begin, or end, relative to the publication of the final rule, but it is a safe bet that the enrollment will begin in September, probably early September and that farmers will have ample time to make an enrollment decision. Thus, while we might not know precise dates, we will be in the thick of it soon.

The purpose of this update is to let interested parties know, with as much precision as we can provide, what to expect and when to expect it. Keep in mind that the information provided below is from the group that USDA has commissioned to provide a decision tool and companion educational materials for the MPP, but it is not an official statement by USDA.

The faculty for the National Program on Dairy Markets and Policy (identified in the footnote below) have been working on a variety of educational materials, in addition to the tool itself. As previously announced, we have decided to not release draft materials prior to the publication of the final rule, but we anticipate being able to release a wide selection and variety of materials very shortly afterwards.

We will be posting information on our DMaP website, with MPP-Dairy specific information beginning at the URL and on .  From these pages, you will have access to the tool itself, as well as educational materials that will include videos and downloadable documents. The educational library will include short formats to provide a quick overview of various topics and longer formats that offer more detail.  In addition to basic information about the MPP-Dairy program and the decision tool, we will have information to help producers think about their particular risk profile and the variety of options that are available for financial risk management.  The farmdoc Farm Bill Toolbox has some materials concerning the MPP but also a host of informative articles and tools related to other new programs in the Agricultural Act of 2014.

The announcement goes on to discuss a number of questions regarding eligibility, producer meetings, MPP payments, etc. You can download the full document here.