If you are interested in doing any analysis involving historical “Actual Dairy Production Margins”, as defined in the Agricultural Act of 2014, you may find this file of interest. In this excel file, John Newton and I have prepared clean data for NASS All-Milk, NASS Corn, NASS Alfalfa Hay and AMS Soybean Meal prices from January 2000 through April 2014. In order to make the data easily replicable, we used NASS’s Quickstats database for information on milk, corn and hay. For soybean meal we used the AMS Livestock and Grains Portal. A separate sheet in the file contains screenshots that will familiarize you with the source of this data.

Included in the file are each of the 9 MPP-Dairy coverage options and the indemnity schedule based on the historically observed prices. Note that had MPP-Dairy been in effect the price dynamics may have been altered.

For dairy analysts that want to dig deeper and compare preliminary, revised and final prices, as well as data currently (May 7, 2014) in quickstats database, you may find the file with such data here.

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